Lydia Lunch – American singer


Lydia Lunch, the legendary American post-punk and no wave singer, has had a long and influential musical career. Born in Rochester, New York in 1959, she is best known for her work with the bands Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and 8-Eyed Spy. During the 1980s, Lunch’s solo work featured darkly humorous spoken word–style performances. She sang and rapped over minimal guitar and drum machine rhythmic beds.

Lunch has also performed in films, written books, and released many solo albums. Her music is informed by her punk roots but often meanders off into experimental territories that include free jazz, surf rock, and funkadelic sounds that span genre boundaries. Lunch’s lyrics are often politically charged, dealing with themes such as anti-consumerism, gender roles, and alienation. Recently, she has become active in other art forms such as painting, creating films and photography essays.

Lunch’s influence is still felt in punk music today. Even though she often strays from the strict punk aesthetic of volume and aggression, there is no doubt that she helped shape the sound of punk in the U.S., inspiring bands such as Sonic Youth and Throwing Muses. She has remained an outspoken advocate of cultural dissent; in 2017 she took part in the Women’s March against Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States of America.

In 2020 Lydia Lunch will be releasing a new album called ‘Twisted’ which features members of The Living Jarboe project. With its mix of traditional instrumentation, soundscapes and effects it promises to be an ambitious collaboration between some of the most creative voices in modern music today. It’s sure to be an interesting record from an artist who continues to surprise us with their creativity.

Surrounded by an air of mystique and controversy, Lydia Lunch has been a fixture in the punk and avant-garde music scenes for nearly four decades. The former No Wave singer, songwriter, writer, and actor has tackled some of music’s darkest and most provocative themes in her lyrics and performances, making her one of the most important American musicians of the last several generations.

Raised in Rochester, New York, Lydia Lunch rose to fame in the late 70s when her collaboration with avant-garde composer James Chance led to the formation of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Her volatile stage presence and emotive delivery captivated punk fans and quickly established her as a unique voice in independent music. Throughout her career she has collaborated with artists including Nick Cave, Thurston Moore, Robert Quine and Thurston Moore.

Lydia Lunch has also made herself a name with an array of works beyond music. She is an accomplished author, having penned more than a dozen books including “Chaotica: Fantasies for the Sleepless”, “Will Work for Drugs”, and “The Coloring Book”. Additionally, her films have undergone successful screenings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and throughout Europe.

It’s clear from her body of work that Lunch has never shied away from provoking or challenging audiences. This is perhaps best encapsulated in her spoken word albums; pieces such as “In Limbo” and “Smoke In The Shadows” feature stream-of-consciousness delivery that captures both anger and energy to great affect.

Now nearing sixty years old, Lydia Lunch remains one of American music’s most intriguing figures. Having never compromised on either her artistic values or personal political views she continues to influence a new generation as much as ever before. As long as she is making music (and creating art), we can expect Lydia Lunch to continue pushing boundaries for years to come.