Lydia Lunch – writer and singer


Lydia Lunch is an icon in the world of writing and singing. From her earliest days, she has been associated with punk rock, no wave, and experimental music. Born on June 2, 1959, in Rochester, NY, Lydia has become one of the most influential artists of her generation.

Before beginning her solo career, Lydia was a part of the band Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. She provided vocals and lyrics for their songs while also playing guitar and flute. Her work with the band was praised as being ahead of its time, experimenting with atonal sounds to create an atmosphere of chaos and claustrophobia.

Lydia’s solo career began with her debut album Queen of Siam in 1980. Since then, she has released over 20 albums in a variety of genres, including spoken word, electronica, and punk rock. Her musical style combines elements of jazz, punk rock and even classical composition to create something that is truly unique.

She is also a highly acclaimed writer; her works have explored topics such as pop culture, feminism and nihilism. Throughout the decade she wrote in newspapers such as Soho Weekly News and Village Voice. In recent years she has written two autobiographical novels – Will Work for Drugs (2006) and Paradoxia: A Predator’s Diary (2007). Her writing style is heavily influenced by her dark and cynical outlook on life.

In addition to her discography and written works, Lydia Lunch is well recognized for her activism throughout various social causes. She often speaks for organizations that fight against racism and sexism. She has also made various film appearances in cult classics such as Desperate Living (1977) and No Respect (1987).

To this day Lydia Lunch continues to find success as a musician, writer celebrating over forty years in the creative world. She stands out from many others as a powerful artist who makes a statement about the world we live in with everything she writes or sings about.

Lydia Lunch is a writer, singer, and spoken-word artist who has been a part of the underground music and art scene for nearly four decades. Born in Rochester, NY in 1959, Lunch began her career in punk rock when she fronted Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, an abrasive early no wave group that was influential in the burgeoning New York City punk movement. She then released several solo albums which explored jazz, industrial, no wave, and funk influences.

Furthermore, Lunch has also released several books of nonfiction and poetry which have demonstrated her keen insight into the nature and culture of life on the underground. Born out of a blend of poetry and punk ethos, they provide an unvarnished and often crude portrait of both the darkness and the light of living on the fringe.

Lunch continued her career as an avant-garde provocateur with roles in independent films, songs featuring notorious hip hop acts like Wu-Tang Clan, various spoken word projects and performances of edgy theater pieces such as The Gun Is Loaded.

In addition to her status as a pioneering scribe, singer, actress and poet on the New York scene throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Lunch has waged ongoing campaigns to raise awareness about domestic violence and exploitation. In recent years she has appeared in numerous public speaking engagements to discuss her philosophy of creative nonconformity as well as issues that are relevant to women’s rights and issues of injustice.

In short, Lydia Lunch is a powerful artist who is unafraid to take risks that push boundaries of taste or appropriate subject matter. Her courage to express herself through art in order to raise awareness about important social issues has been an outpost for fringe-dwelling individuals everywhere.